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My name is Meghan, my friends calls me Megs. I am also known as megals, meg-nut, meggy, mey-mey. But you don't have to call me those :] I am very easy goin cuz I love having fun! I LOVE hanging out with my friends!! Nothing gets better than that :} I love my Sunday's cuz I can actually eat dinner with my family. (I work late). I love music! It's a big part of my life. I love dogs! My dogs name is Nana Jade and she is 7 years old.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Don't worry...This one is a short one :P Saturday night Jana and I went shopping :) We went to Sports Chalet first to find board shorts for me. We found the PERFECT ones but, they didn't have my size :'( They weren't too expensive either. So we went to our next destination after surprising Jana's Dad and brother Josh who were there as well. Anyways, we went to Deseret Book because I needed a new CTR ring! [The one I had was a hammy down from my sister. I just wanted my own to say I bought it, it is mine :) ] We were looking at them and found some pretty cool ones but finally I decided on a really cute one! It is a heart with CTR on one side with diamonds (fake probably) or something sparkley on the other. Here is a picture :) sry its blury.

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