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My name is Meghan, my friends calls me Megs. I am also known as megals, meg-nut, meggy, mey-mey. But you don't have to call me those :] I am very easy goin cuz I love having fun! I LOVE hanging out with my friends!! Nothing gets better than that :} I love my Sunday's cuz I can actually eat dinner with my family. (I work late). I love music! It's a big part of my life. I love dogs! My dogs name is Nana Jade and she is 7 years old.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Don't worry...This one is a short one :P Saturday night Jana and I went shopping :) We went to Sports Chalet first to find board shorts for me. We found the PERFECT ones but, they didn't have my size :'( They weren't too expensive either. So we went to our next destination after surprising Jana's Dad and brother Josh who were there as well. Anyways, we went to Deseret Book because I needed a new CTR ring! [The one I had was a hammy down from my sister. I just wanted my own to say I bought it, it is mine :) ] We were looking at them and found some pretty cool ones but finally I decided on a really cute one! It is a heart with CTR on one side with diamonds (fake probably) or something sparkley on the other. Here is a picture :) sry its blury.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

House Sitting...dun dun dun!

A few weeks ago I was asked by my friend Jessica and her husband Chris if I could house sit for her. It would be for a whole week while they were in Utah. I was like sure, why not? It would get me out of the house :) So I agreed to house sit for her and invited my best friend Jana to come with me because Jessica lived all the way out in Queen Creek (Half hour or so drive) and I didn't want to be all alone in their newly wed empty home. The first night Jana was not able to make it so I was all by my lonesome. I thought to myself, it won't be so bad! I can handle it! As I am laying there in bed, I keep hearing noises. Like someone was in the kitchen or something. I freaked out a bit so I ran to the bedroom door and locked it. I knew no one was in the house because the front door was definitely locked! (I checked like 50 times!) And I never went out the back door or garage door. So I laid back down in bed to try to get some sleep for babysitting in the morning. Then, I heard something outside! I forgot to lock the window!!! AH! So I ran over, shut it, and locked it as locked as it could get! OK, calm down Meghan. There is no way anyone can get in. I even shut the bathroom and closet door! (like that would do anything) Finally I was able to calm myself down, force myself to know that no one could possibly get in, and fall asleep. Phew...What a night! I got ready and left for babysitting.
The next night was the night Jana was coming with me (thanks goodness!). We went to her house, got all of her things and gadgets to keep us entertained and headed to the forever-away house. It was so nice to be away by ourselves. We got a smidget of what it feels like of living on our own :) We hung around, talked, ate dinner, and had our friend Andrew come over to watch a movie (which we ended up not doing...I don't think lol). Anywho, after Andrew left we settled down, got ready for bed, talked some more (of course) and laid in bed and continued to talk. We got to the point where we were both mumbling from being so tired. Then...KLINK KLINK KLINK! We both caught our breath to listen to what we thought we heard, but it stopped. Neither of us said anything. It came again...KLINK KLINK KLINK! OK now we were getting a lil' freaked out! I shot up, "Did you hear that?!" She shot up and said, "Yeah!" We both looked at each other with don't-know-what-to-think faces. We waited in silence to hear if the klinking came back. Nothing. Maybe it was just a dog hitting its food dish, but it sounded like dished in the sink. We looked at each other, confused, and slowly laid back down. They didn't have anything electronic out in the open. That's good. Then just has we had finished joking about it...KLINK KLINK KLINK! The two of us, are officially scared and freaked out!! Someone is in the house! The kitchen or something!! But how?! We made sure the doors were locked! Uh-Oh...the windows!! I ran over to the window in our room shut it and locked it. What do we do!? Call 911?! But we didn't want them to get here and not even a mouse was in the house. The bat! I thought aloud! The knife Jana said. I grabbed the bat that Chris had next to his side of the bed and Jana snatched the knife on his night stand. We checked the shower, porcelain pony room and closet before proceeding to the...DOOR. Phone in hand, we walked to the door. Gulp. 1...2...3! We swung open the door with weapons ready to use! Nothing. We walked slowly down the hall, hearts beating like a thousand drums, into the first bedroom. Jana checked the closet, window and every nook and cranny while I checked the second room the same. Nothing. We peered around the corner and listened. No sound or movement whatsoever. HA! We popped around the corner with weapons ready as ever! Nothing again. Hmmm, maybe it's just all in our head? We quickly checked the garage door, the front door, front closet, all the windows and the back sliding door. OK, so maybe nothing was in the house. But it sure sounded like it! As we calmed down, we walked to the bedroom, locked the door and stood in shock. Wow. First of all: Good thing No One WAS in the house. Second: Did we actually just go around the house with a bat and knife?! Phew! Still a little tense we crawled back into the bed and sat there stunned. After a while we joked and laughed at ourselves and talked some more until we drifted off into slumber catching Z's and counting sheep.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

California 2008

California:: Beaches. Nice weather. Family & Friends. El Taco. YMCA. Mall. Watching movies. Talking. El Taco. Taking "bee" pictures. Grocery shopping. Playing Rock Band. Giving Funny Nick Names. Car rides. Car accidents. El...WHAT?! Who said anything about CaR aCcIdEnTs?!?! I 'sointenly' (certainly) never did. O ya. That sparks a memory...
Last year during the summer (sorry i can't exactly remember the month. June or July) I had the opportunity of going to California with Eric and his family. We took separate cars because Jessica had to be home early the morning we were to come back. We got there in the afternoon and went over to their grandma's house. I think for lunch we went to El Taco :) [YUM] Jessica, Tanya and I stayed at Aunt Vicki's house (really cute lil' house by the way) Eric, Brian and their parents stayed at grandma's house. I can't remember every thing that we did but one day we decided to go to the beach!O man was I excited!! I have never really been to the beach and swam in the ocean and had that whole "beach" experience. I couldn't wait! This was on Friday when Eric, Jessica, Brian, Aunt Janet, Jenni and I went to the beach. It was so fun!! But man I never thought the ocean was THAT salty! HOLY COW! My nose was burning haha! This was a good first beach experience.
The next day, on Saturday, Eric's whole family and I went to the beach. (A lot longer this time too :] ) Boogie boarding was THEE best thing we did! It was SO fun and exhilarating! My adrenaline was pumping! Of course we took silly pictures :) I got so much salt up my nose it was ri-dunk-cu-lous!! I'm surprised I didn't lose a contact or something! I could not have imagined a better beach experience with anyone else. I L.<3.V.E the Larsen's and everything about them! They have been so nice and loving to me, they are seriously like my second family :] I get along sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well with all of them! Anywho, we were all getting burnt out and ready to head home to EaT food. So we got all our stuff together, rinsed off at the shower things, walked to the car and headed home.
Cory (dad) was driving with Stephanie (mom) in the passenger seat. The second row was Jessica on the left, me in the middle and Eric on the right. In the very back was Tanya on the left and Brian on the right. We borrowed Aunt Vicki's car so we could fit more stuff in it which was a Dodge Durango. So we're driving away and we had to snap a couple more pictures before the beach went out of sight.......................And a few more.... :]
OK. Now we are officially on the freeway and homeward bound back to grandma's house. We're talking about our just-beach experience and what things were funny and what happened to us while boogie boarding. Other stuff like how much salt I got up my nose and how scary/weird it was to be overtaken by waves and not knowing what's up and what's down. Also how much sand our swimsuits had collected from the beach for a lil' souvenir ;) Just talking and having a good ole' time as people do. It probably was quiet for a bit but i doubt that haha! And of course...more PICTURES :D Man! Look how TAN we are haha! I love this picture. SO AdOrAbLe. Anywho...from what I remember. It was quiet actually, during this time. I looked forward and saw the car in front of us get closer and closer REALLY fast! I was like "What the?" It had slammed on its breaks for no reason because we saw no other cars in front of him. So this caused Cory to swerve the car to the left [Luckily no one was in the HOV lane at that moment] What I thought was "OK, phew. We're good. Cuz coming to California we had to swerve around a tire and we were OK." Nope. We were not OK at all... Then next thing i knew we were swerving this way and that and fishtailing quite furiously. The durango could not get grip on the sandy road. In a moment, I remember looking back to the right and it looked like we had fishtailed into a big white car. But that definitely was not it. The impact feeling ended up being us slamming into the median separating the freeways which caused us to flip over and skid down the road. I do not remember flipping over at all. I didn't ever hear Brian (7 years old) screaming at the top of his lungs. The first thing I remember was Stephanie's voice asking us if we were all OK. Slowly I was able to comprehend what was going on in our life-threatening situation. I was just hanging there by the lap belt upside down trying to unbuckle myself but my arms were jelly; I had just enough muscle to prop myself from just hanging. Eric was already out of his seat belt. His came undone while flipping over. Ya...SCARY! So he was helping Brian get unbuckled as well as Tanya. Jessica was still buckled and hanging upside down I believe when her dad was telling us we needed to get out of the car quickly because he saw liquid coming out of the car. So what it seemed to me, Jessica starts freaking out and saying (along these lines) "Something is leaking! We gotta get out of the car!" So she's struggling to get out. Me, hanging there upside down starts to freak out and cry because I could not unbuckle myself. Eric immediately comes over to me and somehow holds me while unbuckling my seat belt. I am now on all fours crawling out Eric's door with glass everywhere on the ground. I try standing up but couldn't because pain took over my left leg. Luckily Eric was still by my side to help me toward the wall where everyone else was. I sat in between Stephanie and Jessica who had Brian on her lap. We were all in shock. Still taking in what just happened. Stephanie is asking me if I was alright and there was blood all over her hand which made me think I was all bloody. She had shaved off the top layer of her fingers on one of her hands and had a VERY bad seat belt burn. Cory's back and neck was hurting really bad. (We could tell because he was PALE) Tanya was fine except for a bruise (that I remember. I'm not sure) all I know is nothing serious happened to her. Brian got a lil' burn mark on his arm I think from the seat belt. Jessica's neck was hurting and Eric was running around through the car getting everyones things; purses, back packs, and trying to find glasses. Then he sat down and immense pain sheered into his right shoulder. He could barely move it. Adrenaline was helping him move around before. So we are all along the side of the median and people from every direction it seems were coming to our aid. They were giving us water and asking if we we OK, they already called 911 and they were even there to open our car doors to help us out. It amazed me to no end to see the love and humility these people showed to help this family who they didn't even know. Then before I knew it there was firemen in our faces asking us our injuries and what our name and birth date was a million times each! There were two ambulances to take us to the hospital. Since Jessica and Cory had neck and back injuries, they were strapped into stretchers and put into opposite ambulances. Tanya and Stephanie went with Jessica and Eric, Brian and I went with Cory in the other. Lights and sounds went on and we were ushered to the hospital. Luckily no one was so injured that they had to go on life support or something! The Lord was watching and protecting us that day. Eric should have been killed. The rest of us, more serious injuries. But we weren't. Things happen for a reason. And we were saved becasue the Lord had a lot more in store for us. Thank goodness we were all OK!!! (Sorry if I missed anything or got something wrong Larsen Family) Here is the last picture we took, right before the accident occured.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yes I can be doing this at work :) All I do is sit here and wait for the phone to ring. Yesterday in 7 hours I got a total of 8 calls! woohoo...! So I have A LOT of time to kill and I thought hey, I could make a blog. Why not? So here it is, the start of my blog. Anywho... I like my job cuz I don't have a whole lot of things to do and its not stressful at all!! Which is why i L<3VE my job {But only in that way} The downside of working here and answering phones is that I get seriously BoReD!! So I check my e-mail, listen to Pandora, get on Facebook, read books or magazines, TeXt :], EaT, draw or write in my journal/notebook. They aren't the most exciting things to do in the world but at least I have a JOB! I'm thankful for that a bunch!
How I got hired was my boss is in my ward and I heard he needed phones operators. I thought to myself, hmmm, answering phones, easy-smeasy! So here I am :) This is my fourth week I think and so far the people I have met that work here are really nice. I don't get to talk much cuz of course everyone is working, plus I am exhiled to a totally different room where only me and another guy are. Then to go to the bathroom or kitchen I gotta walk past everyone who probably think I'm crazy for getting up all the time haha :P O well! When ya gotta pee, you gotta pee! That's pretty much it about work...If anything exciting and out of this world I'll be sure to post it :] Chow for now!

Monday, March 30, 2009